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Products: Wood Lecterns

A professional lectern for just about every need.  

Rigid: Simple, stylish and effective with on-board XLR microphone mounts and reading lamp up top and discrete cabling and standard XLR & IDC input / output connections on the base below)

M-Power: (Motorised Height Adjustable Lecterns) Designed and delivered to the best facilities and compliant with the directives of the Disability Descriminiation Act (DDA), the M-Power range of lecterns offer both a stable and height adjustable speaking podium for the shorter or taller presenter.

Using a BlueAV designed, virtually silent, powered actuator, the lectern is easitly raised or lowered at the touch of a button

At delivery the lectern immediately interfaces with your venue's technical services and if required can be modified to accept non-standard switching, signalling or other connectivity

M-Power available in:

  • Standard - with flat top (tilted)
  • Data - with built-in video data display panel
  • Bespoke - with a customised connection panel (Cat5, HDMI, USB, VGA , BNC, etc.)

As listed on the BESA British Educational Suppliers Association website

Contact us for latest pricing, configurations, choice of wood finish and delivery information

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Additional Images

  • Wood Height Adjustable Lecterns with reading lamp and accessories
    2013 Model

    M-Power Standard Lectern (Oak)

    shown in FULLY raised position
    Maximum height (ground to front lip of the lectern table) 1150mm
  • Wood Height Adjustable Lectern with LCD Screen and reading lamp
    2012 Model

    M-Power Data Lectern (Med Oak)

    Varient shown with live Data Display Screen so you can see either what your audience sees or you can read your own notes etc.
  • Wood Height Adjustable Lecterns with versatile connectivity options and reading lamp
    2012 Model

    M-Power Bespoke Lectern (Light Oak)

    Shown above with a Customised Panel allowing alternative connectivity for audio, video, network, (e.g., USB, BNC, HDMI, VGA, Cat5 e.t.c., ) right on the podium.
  • Wood Height Adjustable Lecterns suitable for Children and Wheelchair Users
    2013 Model

    M-Power Standard Lectern (Med Oak)

    shown in the lowest position
    Minimum height (ground to front lip of the lectern table) 640mm
    Park your M-Power lectern in its lowest position, pop it into the tray, snap on the lid and your lectern is protected and ready to roll!
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